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I am originally from Seoul Korea and have been working in Los Angeles for several years within the costume design film industry. Prior to that I worked in the fashion design industry which gave me a strong technical, creative, organizational foundation.  I have been blessed with being able to combine both experiences to excel within the costume designer side of the film industry. I am a costume designer by trade in the live theater shows and film industry, but also have the ability to creative design, hand sketch, digital sketch, pattern and high end stitching/seamstress work for costumes that are not available for purchase at retail level. Also  my skill doesn't have a limits, I can design and build ballet, dance and acrobatic costume, wrestling gear, game character, space suit, at any art of historic costumes.


Costume design & making, story telling and art is what I find myself continually drawn to. I love that film and theatre production bring so many people from diverse backgrounds and talents together around this art form of story telling. Please join in this journey.


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